The Relationship Between Luxury and Exoticism in Chinese Characters

Yaoming Huang, Hanyu Lin, Peng Jiang, Takamitsu Tanaka

(受付:2023.05.10, 採用:2023.06.23)


This study aimed to explore the influence of the perceived price of typeface design on purchase intention and awareness in regions where Chinese characters are used (Japan, China, and Taiwan). The experiment integrated five types of fonts and conducted a font impression survey with 180 participants from each country and region using a frequency allocation survey. The results were used to further analyze the high font sense. From the experimental results, we identified the fonts representing the three regions. The perceived price experiment showed that (1) It can be found that the font placed in Ul and C has a greater sense of exotic to Japanese; the font placed in Ur has a greater sense of exotic to Chinese; the font placed in Ur has a greater sense of exotic to Taiwanese. (2) It is observed that when the font is placed in the middle, there will be a sense of advancement, and (3) respondents from different regions feel high prices for certain experimental fonts. The two-way ANOVA results show a partial correlation between luxury and exoticism and that there will also be differences due to different placements. Therefore, future packaging applications could use these font designs for original and regional packaging in specific countries and regions.



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