Measuring the Effects of Comics on Iranian Students’ Scores and Attitudes Towards the Poetry Classroom

Mostafanezhad Mohammad

(受付:2023/01/07, 採用:2023/02/22)


This paper aims to measure the effects of educational comics on scores and attitudes of Iranian 10th graders in the poetry classroom. The research was carried out according to mixed research methods with a pre/post-test design. The sample comprised of 131 students (both males and females) in four public schools located in the metropolitan city of Tehran, and the small province of Khorramabad, Iran. The intervention group consisted of 99 students and the control group consisted of 32 students. Analysis of the data was performed using t-Tests and a correlation test. Results showed that the academic achievement post-test scores of the students in the intervention group were significantly higher than the control group. It was also found that the post-test scores of the students in the experimental group were significantly higher than the control groups in terms of their positive attitude towards the poetry lesson. Results showed that teaching poetry through comics also had a positive effect on students’ ability to recall verses from the poetry.

Keywordseducational comics, poetry, academic achievement, high school students, Iran.



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