A Study of Chinese Characters Users' Perceived Impressions of Fonts with the Same Glyph Writing

-Characteristics and Differences in Responses of the Group in Three Regions

Yaoming Huang , Peng Jiang , Takamitsu Tanaka

(受付:2022/11/04, 採用:2023/03/01)


 This research aims to explore the influence of the perceived price of typeface design on purchase intentions and awareness in regions where Chinese characters are used (Japan, China, and Taiwan). Experiment integrated 16 types of fonts and conducted a font-impression survey on 90 participants from each country and region using a frequency allocation survey. The results of experiment 1 were used to further analyze the high font sense through experiment 2. From the results of experiment, we identified the fonts representing the three regions. The perceived price experiment showed that (1) it can be concluded that each country and region hold observed for each font, (2) differences in the readability of fonts based on different age groups are not observed, (3) differences in the perceived price of fonts based on different age groups are observed, and (4) respondents from different regions feel high prices for certain experimental fonts.Therefore, future packaging applications can use these font designs for original and regional packaging in specific countries and regions.



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